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    Slimline 1400 Ethanol Burner

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    • Allows for compact installations due to its slender dimensions.
    • Produces a stretched continuous flame.
    • Delivers high performance, clean-burning bioethanol flames
    • Accentuates dramatic effect due to its elegant proportions.
    • Permits to control flame intensity and temperature.
    • Perfect for in and outdoors

    Slimline Linear Burners are designed to be used both indoor or outdoor due to its high-quality materials.

    Our burners use bioethanol, an environmentally friendly and renewable energy source

    Icon Fires Slimline Burners shows fine details and quality finishes to a luxury effect.


    Dimensions: H100mm x L1445mm x D170mm
    Cut Out Size: H110mm x L1430mm x D155mm
    Capacity: 8.15 Litres
    Consumption: avg 1.0 lt/hr
    Performance: 9.8 kW/hr rating

    Made of durable 304 stainless steel.
    Comes with electronic pump for easy refuelling.
    Single sliding plate


    Product Brochure (PDF)

    Installation & Operation Manual (PDF)


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