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    Morso 1410 Wood Fireplace

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    The combustion technology of Morso's design icon 1410 Squirrel is  state-of-the-art. Harmful particles and surplus gases are burnt off in  the firebox, fulfilling the strictest environmental requirements.   Constructed using superior technology, some details on the Morso 1410 remain timeless. Morso's iconic squirrel is still forged on both sides  of the panels as it has been for decades.  

    Despite it’s compact size the 1410 still delivers a 6.8kW heat output, making  it ideal for smaller rooms, garden outbuilding’s, greenhouses, even a  tiny house, or house boat. Handcrafted in Denmark, the 1410 Squirrel is  constructed from robust cast iron, and has built in rear and bottom heat shields for reduced clearance and better heat retention. In addition a  reversible flue collar for either top or rear venting provides  flexibility in placement and construction. 

    Purveyor to the Royal Court of Denmark for more than 160 years. Morsø leads the  field in design and manufacture of wood burning products, combining  legendary Danish flair for design with expert engineering. The  prestigious appointment of Purveyor to the Royal Court means that their  products are held to the highest standards of quality.  

    The 1410 Squirrel has an optional short leg set available to reduce the  size of the fireplace by 150mm. When installing the short leg set the  fireplace must be installed on a full masonry hearth.  


    Weight - 70kg
    Heat Output (Nominal) 6.8kW
    Approx. heat area 60-90 m2
    Efficency 65%
    Emissions 1.4g/Kg

    Flue Options

    6" Insulated Room Sealed 4m Flue Kit





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    Flueing and Accessories

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