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    Masport Westcott 1000 Wood Fireplace

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    With its vintage appeal and solid cast iron construction, the compact Westcott 1000 wood fire will invoke a sense of nostalgia and deliver warmth to your home. Designed to heat smaller homes.

    • Ideal for homes up to 50m2
    • Efficient cooktop for cooking or boiling water
    • Grate and ashpan for convenient cleaning 
    • Airwash system to maintain clear door glass

    Stovetop cooking

    Masport radiant wood burners include a 6-8mm steel cooktop to also allow for cooking and warming. Anything cooked on an electric or gas range can be also be cooked on a wood burner stove top. The area closest to the chimney is hottest, for example if you want to fry an egg, and by moving the pot further away you can obtain a gentler heat. Using your wood burner to cook is fun, saves on electricity or gas use, and is a perfect option when there is a power cut.

    Key Technical Specifications

    • Firebox - Cast Iron
    • Efficiency - 68% 
    • Emissions - 1.1 g/kg
    • Coverage - Up to 50m2
    • Estimate Peak Output - 8.0kW
    • Dimensions -  416 x 336 x 540 mm
    • Log Size - 250mm 

    Flue Options

    5" Fully Insulated Black Room Sealed 4m Flue Kit






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    Flueing and Accessories

    • Flueing or accessories are not included in the price
    • Before placing your order please contact our sales team on 02 8358 6000 to discuss your requirements

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