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    BOSQ Aere 70S Freestanding Wood Fireplace

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    With all the charm of a traditional wood burning fireplace combined with an  innovative modern design the BOSQ Aere 70 has been painstakingly  engineered and timelessly designed.

    This BOSQ Aere 70 produces a magnificent rolling flame and ample warmth,  with an average heat output of 11.5kW, ideal for heating areas from 150-180m².

    The user experience is at the forefront of this fireplace. Every minute detail has been beautifully crafted and engineered to provide you with the ultimate in fireside luxury.  Externally the  BOSQ Aere 70 has a minimalist design, with clean lines, and crisp edges, that will fit perfectly with any design style. It takes years of skill  to learn how to fabricate steel to achieve something as exceptional as  an BOSQ fireplace. A subsidiary of ADF their state-of-the art facility  hosts a team of engineers and craftspeople, all dedicated to creating  original and captivating fireplaces.

    As a family-owned metalworking business founded in 1976, all BOSQ fires  are crafted with care and are rigorously tested to make them a pleasure  to own and operate, the BOSQ Aere 70 has also been tested to adhere to  the strict Australia Standards (AS2918 / AS4012/4013).

    The  fire is not only eye-catching, it operates beautifully. Internally the BOSQ Aere 70 has a heat deflector plate and a high density thermal lining manufactured from vermiculite that helps  insulate the combustion chamber to protect the body from the heat  produced by the fire, whilst their golden/bronze hue provides additional heat reflection. 

    The firebox is constructed using premium grade steel and features a single and easy-to-use air control, and air flow technology. By  controlling the airflow within the firebox, the glass can be kept clear  from soot, thus ensuring an uninterrupted view of the flames. The clean  burn system introduces pre-heated combustion air to increase the heat  output, and air flow technology also ensures that any solid particles  and volatile gases produced by the fire are re-ignited and burnt off  before they can re-enter the atmosphere.

    A stylish, elegant and minimalist design with a focus on modern  expression the BOSQ offers an affordable heating solution without having to compromise on the quality and design. 


    Heat Capacity - 150-180sqm
    Peak Efficiency - 64%
    Emissions - 1.1g/kg
    Maximum recommended firewood load - 3kg
    Average Peak Power - 11.5kW

    Flue Options

    6" Insulated Room Sealed 4m Flue Kit




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    Flueing and Accessories

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