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    Austroflamm 120-45S Inbuilt Wood Fireplace

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    Nominal Power Output

    Up to 232sqm

    Heatable Area



    Imagine you come home and there is a warm fire crackling in your living room. Allow yourself to be captivated by the soothing radiant heat and the glowing play of flames and forget the stresses and strains of everyday life – with the Austroflamm 120×45 S fireplace insert . This is equipped with a spacious combustion chamber, which skilfully stages the fire.

    The Austroflamm 120×45 S fireplace insert is not only visually impressive, but also with its combustion values. The Austroflamm fireplace insert is sufficient to effortlessly heat even large rooms. The heat radiation reaches every corner of the room and creates a pleasant room climate.

    The Austroflamm 120×45 S fireplace insert is equipped with a smooth-running sliding door on its glazed front . On the one hand, this allows direct access to the combustion chamber, on the other hand, the sliding door blends seamlessly into the minimalist design of the Austroflamm 120×45 S fireplace insert and supports its clear lines. Look forward to warm winter evenings in front of the cozy fireplace of the Austroflamm 120×45 S fireplace insert.


    Heat Capacity 20 - 25 sq/232 sqm
    Peak Efficiency see manual
    Emissions see manual
    Max. log length 500mm
    Average Peak Power see manual

    Flue Options

    6" Insulated Room Sealed 4m Flue Kit




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    Flueing and Accessories

    • Flueing or accessories are not included in the price
    • Before placing your order please contact our sales team on 02 8358 6000 to discuss your requirements

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