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    ADF Linea 100 Duo B L Freestanding Wood Fireplace inc. Open Base

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    Nominal Power Output

    Up to 250sqm

    Heatable Area



    As you would expect from a company that is at the forefront of design and  engineering the ADF Linea 100 Duo L is crafted with care and has been  rigorously tested to make it a pleasure to own and operate, the Linea  100 has also been tested to adhere to the strict Australia Standards  (AS2918 / AS4012/4013).

    Take in the captivating beauty of the unobstructed flames with the ADF Linea 100 L Freestanding. This wood burning fireplace is truly ideal for  creating a cosy atmosphere over two rooms, or to separate a space for  open plan interiors whilst still maintaining a visual and the light  between the two areas.  The user experience is at the forefront of this fireplace. Every minute  detail is engineered to provide you with the ultimate in fireside  luxury.  

    Combining contemporary styling with superb efficiency ADF had created a spectacular fireplace for the modern age, with a minimalist design, with clean lines, and crisp edges, that will fit perfectly with any design style. 

    The  fire is not only eye-catching, it operates beautifully. Internally an  automatic flue damper is designed to significantly reduce smoke ingress  into the room during refueling, by increasing the flue draft. When  opening the door/s [on either side] the damper automatically fully opens pulling more air upwards therefore reducing the chance of any smoke  being let out into the room. When the door is closed the damper  partially closes, which ensures the heat remains inside the firebox.  This keeps your house at optimal temperatures and your wood consumption  to a minimum. 

    A high density thermal lining manufactured from vermiculite helps  insulate the combustion chamber to protect the body from the heat  produced by the fire, whilst their golden/bronze hue provides additional heat reflection.

    The firebox is constructed using high-strength 5mm quality steel that heats up quickly, and feature a single and easy-to-use air control, and air flow technology. By  controlling the airflow within the firebox, the glass on both sides can  be kept clear from soot, thus ensuring an uninterrupted view of the  flames. The clean burn system introduces pre-heated combustion air to  increase the heat output, and air flow technology also ensures that any  solid particles and volatile gases produced by the fire are re-ignited  and burnt off before they can re-enter the atmosphere.

    Providing an impressive average heat output of 24.0kW, the ADF Linea 100 Duo is ideal for heating areas from 200-250m?.


    Weight - 325kg
    Heat Output (Nominal) - 24.0kW
    Approx. heat area - 200-250 m2
    Efficiency - 60%
    Emissions - 1.1g/Kg

    Flue Options

    8" Insulated Room Sealed 4m Flue Kit





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    Flueing and Accessories

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