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    Amantii Symmetry 50 Bespoke 2kW Electric Fireplace

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    Our Symmetry Bespoke is more than just an ordinary fireplace. It is a  well-designed electric fireplace, unique, as it combines classic form in a modern interpretation. Some of its most unique features are its  colorful intuitive thermostatic remote with emphasis on technology and  performance ? it also comes included.

    The WiFi app allows for control of fireplace functions including sound,  programmable timers and control of the flame height and speed.
    Superior construction ensures a long lasting electric fireplace with design  integrity at it?s core. Symmetry Bespoke was design with intelligent,  mobility in mind.

    SYMMETRY BESPOKE fireplaces are rated for Indoor or Alfresco use.


    • A fireplace with sound! Quality audio delivering a crackling fire sound. Sampled from real fires.
    • Can be Fully recessed or Wall Mounted
    • 5 year Warranty (2 years for Alfresco)
    • Two Flame Patterns ? Standard and Realistic Flame. Conveniently adjust the flame height and speed using the intuitive remote.
    • Colorful Intuitive remote to adjust the flames, temperature or timer. Patented Thermostatic remote. Can be set, adjusted and programmed for your fireplace to turn on when you want and at the temperature you want.
    • 6 Brightness levels and 6 Speed levels. Multiple flame colors ? orange, red, blue in any combination. LED flames can be enjoyed with or without heat. Adjustable flame and ember bed lighting featuring multi color LED lights that illuminate from underneath.
    • WiFi App for complete control from any room. Set the fireplace to turn on before arriving home, or have it turn on automatically when the weather is cold. Customization possibilities are endless.
    • BESPOKE models are rated for either indoor or alfresco area. For alfresco application please refer to the instructions.

    Installation Options

    Option 1:
    Fully recessed / Built in
    Trim is required for the built in installation, units come with a black  surround. Fireplace outputs heat from the front. No ventilation  requirements

    Option 2:
    Wall Mounted
    Due to the many different materials used to build walls, it is highly  recommend that you consult with your local builder before installing the fireplace onto a wall.


    Watts 2000 max
    Heater 2000 watts high
    750 watts low
    No Heater 21 watts
    Lamps LED 19 watts
    Rotor Motor 1 at 2.9 watts
    Height, Width, Depth 39.6 x 127.56 x 14.86 cm
    Glass View Opening 33.4 ? 123.1 cm
    Surround Size 43 ? 132.7 cm
    Shipping Size 55 ? 151.2 ? 27 cm
    Shipping Weight 37.5 kgs
    Plug Location Left Side
    Cord Length 180 cm
    Approx. Heating Area 400 sq. ft. / 37 sqm





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