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    7" Two Storey Wall Penetration Room Sealed Flue Kit (Suits Freestanding Fireplaces)

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    The insulated room sealed flue kit provides a safe and efficient way to vent combustion gases from heating appliances while maintaining indoor air quality and maximizing energy efficiency.

    The insulated room sealed flue kit is designed, tested and approved for any make/model of wood heater.

    Its 90% quieter, has an all stainless steel construction, twist locks together, and has cleaner lines.

    More importantly it's ROOM SEAL, meaning none of the hot air you just made is used to cool the flue down.

    On average, you will save around 1/2 to 1 ton of wood per year using an insulated room seal flue and will get a longer burn time on your wood heater.


    • All Stainless construction
    • Increases Efficiency by up to 8%
    • Increases burn time by up to 20%
    • Up to 90% Noise Reduction
    • Safer to install
    • Offset & Bends faster to install
    • Stops debris falling on top of heater
    • Insulated ceiling ring creates an air tight room to give a true room seal flue kit solution, perfect for High Efficient homes
    • Insulated flue promotes a cleaner burn by providing a consistent flue temperature
    • BAL rated to BAL-40 & BAL-FZ
    • 7 Year Warranty


    • 1 x Room Sealed Flue Adapter Single to twin 150mm - 200mm
    • 1 x 500mm painted length
    • 1 x 1000mm starter length, end painted for drop box
    • 4 x 1000mm Room Sealed Flue (with Locking Band)
    • 1 x 45 Degree Bend with Locking Band
    • 1 x 45 Degree Bend Painted with Locking Band
    • 1 x 45 Degree Wall Plate painted
    • 1 x 45 Degree Wall Plate Gal
    • 1 x Wind Cowl Stainless Steel

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